Venture India is a leading sub-continent
business consultancy that specialises in
establishing and growing business
relationships between Australia and India.

What We Do

We are passionate about building profitable links between Australia and India.

We make it easy for our clients to forge successful relationships in India. We do this through insightful analysis and ‘on the ground’ experience backed by unrivalled access to key local stakeholders and decision makers.

In order to meet client objectives and needs, Venture India offers various services that include:

  • Project Audit, Restructuring and Delivery
  • Market Assessment, Analysis and Entry
  • High Level Strategic Advice
  • Representation and Business Development
  • Supply Chain and Procurement

We have current experience in:

  • Mining and Resources
  • Education
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Manufacturing and Sourcing

A unique insight into the culture of doing
business in India. Access to a broad range of Indian
contacts in Business, Industry, and Government.


Venture India provides clients with advice and support to build and maintain profitable relationships in India. Our advice is backed with unrivalled access to high level connections across Industry, the corporate sector and all levels of government.

With experience in mining, education, food, retail and manufacturing, we can ensure clients have a direct pathway to explore, gain entry and establish relevant business relationships in India and across the sub-continent.

Venture India’s Founding Partner, Michael Kasprowicz, has a high profile in India and is locally held in high esteem, due in part to playing Test Cricket in India over a 10-year period. Given that, Michael is in a unique position to provide Australian businesses with direct access to a network of local key stakeholders and decision-makers, as well as a rare insight into the local culture.

Venture India Partner, Chris Henderson, has lived in the emerging markets of Asia for over 9 years, and has represented major consumer brands, retailers and manufacturers as the country head. Chris is experienced at finding, establishing and maintaining international partners and supply chains.

No other sub-continent consultancy firms can ensure clients have a direct pathway to explore, gain entry to, and establish relevant business relationships and opportunities in India – like Venture India can.


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